A weasel studio

My art nest, built from shiny things and nonsense;
where all the deadline-induced panic magic happens.

Bohemian Weasel artist studio

Howl’s Moving Studio?

Bohemian Weasel artist studio

There is space among the SHINY for drawing

Bohemian Weasel artist studio

And a cushiony place for reading, napping, or just thinking

Howl's Moving Castle, I work here.

The similarity has been pointed out to me.


  1. I love your space! I have always wanted my own place to work and I can see it looking similar to yours. Or at the very least have some spots that remind me of this :)

  2. What a lovely thing to say! And how nice to meet someone who appreciates the importance of creative nests, ha. ;)
    I just had a look at your *amazing* blog, your food photography is just incredible – now I am simultaneously awed, impressed, envious of your photo skills, and very hungry ;D

  3. Your studio space looks so comfy and inviting! I’m really envious :)

    • The trick is to have so many fairy lights that when your family visit you they stare at you in fear and concern. *That’s* when you know you’ve hit the golden amount. ;D


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