Classic Mythology I – Loki

Mixed media on canvas, approx 24×29 cms – painted as a basecard for the PernaStudios ‘Classic Mythology’ trading card set.

‘The Punishment of Loki’:
Far beneath the living world they bound him to the sharpest rocks with the ‘cold intestines of his dead son’.  A monstrous serpent was set guard above him, its mouth perpetually dripping a terrible venom.  Throughout his incarceration Loki’s wife bore a bowl above him to catch the venom, hoping to spare her husband the agony its touch would cause, but after a time the bowl would fill up.  Then she was forced to turn away to empty its dreadful contents, and in those moments the venom would reach Loki’s skin. His pain was so great that his writhing moved the bones of the world and caused earthquakes throughout the lands above.

The Punishment of Loki by Soni Alcorn-Hender

The Punishment of Loki

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