LotR larger works WIP

It may be a digital age but I still love being a traditional artist. Well I’m not quite so old-fashioned that I’m crushing pigments with egg yolk to daub on the ceilings of cathedrals. Though… if there were a cathedral wanting a portrait of Frodo on its walls.. I could be the perfect renaissance weasel.
I like the feel of the paint slithering and splattering, or very meticulously gliding across the paper. I like the little thrill of danger knowing that at any second, something could go quite fantastically (and un-disguisedly) wrong. Quite often things do go wrong, and this can lead to terrible, terrible swearing; but sometimes it leads to happy accidents and good things! And then when it’s all, finished I have a new papery or canvassy baby, and I can pick it up and look at it, and say ‘I made this!’.

Here are some of the larger LotR papery babies I made during their work-in-progress stages, so you can see their progress.
No eggs.

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