Dublin / Germany / Thailand, whatever.

Pinterest is a place for sharing things: beautiful landscapes, yummy recipes, handy tips, your favourite paintings – anything.
But also, occasionally, for sharing utter bollocks. (Click the ‘more’ button below to read on… )

It seems there are a few on Pinterest who’ve never heard of Photoshop, or indeed of Ireland, and so believe and propagate images like this one, which is usually labelled ‘Castle House Island, Dublin Ireland’.

Ah yes of course, Ireland: ‘famous for its medieval-castle-bedecked hot tropical beaches’ said no-one ever.
Admittedly Ireland was once tropical, with palm trees and steamy rainforests and everything, but that was about 50 million-ish years ago, when the land was ruled by some sort of prehistoric shrew. I have reservations over the architectural prowess of shrews, and suspect they didn’t in fact build this castle, nor invent a camera with which to photograph it. (Though if they did manage it, then GO TEAM SHREW.) In the absence of a known shrew architectural oeuvre, I had to assume it was a fake.
After seeing the hundredth person exclaiming how much they wanted to visit this place (which would make part of an excellent tour including Atlantis and Shangri-La) I felt the urge to calm false hopes and create this by way of explanation.

Also already on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/pin/98727416801012399/

Not Dublin, despite what Pinterest says.

See? Really not Dublin. Now, with proof! :D

(Originally created Octoberish 2011)

For like-minded individuals who seethe at the wrongness of the world: other correctish, snippy, whingey and spectacularly pedantic bits of fluff can be found here — http://pinterest.com/bohemianweasel/pincorrect/

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