Spellcasters ‘Poisoned Apple’

The painting for the basecard (printed card) for ‘Spellcasters’ by PernaStudios.
24×30 cms; acrylics, gloss mediums, glitter, varnish, iridescent flakes, rhinestones, and silver filigree on specially treated canvas.

I do like revisiting the fairy tales of my childhood and merrily reinstating the gore, horror and ghastliness so commonly castrated by Disney and modern versions; and sometimes just adding some of my own for fun. :)  This Witch Queen is Snow White’s Stepmother, preparing a very special apple for the wayward child, and ensuring it’s a very juicy red.
Shown behind her is her mirror servant; and judging by the frame, certain sacrifices were necessary to acquire such supernatural aid. He has the pupils of a goat, or is it an octopus? Either way, it’s not human.
The dress was a lot of fun, though hard to capture in a scan (hence the inclusion of dodgy photo below), it’s an almost 3D mix of glossy varnishes and oozy oil-like effects, with iridescent flakes on the shoulders for a green beetle-wing effect; and a myriad of shiny, sparkly adornments on dress and crown.

'Poisoned Apple' (Snow White) by Soni Alcorn-Hender

‘Poisoned Apple’ (Snow White)

Details of the painting:

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