Hobbit Illuminations, finished :)

Hobbit ‘Illuminations’: with European medieval illuminations and bookplates as an inspiration, this was an experiment to create illustrations that might look like they came from the books of Middle-earth itself.
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Hobbit Illumination: Thorin Oakenshield, by Soni Alcorn-Hender. トーリン・オーケンシールド

Hobbit Illumination – Thorin Oakenshield

Hobbit Illumination: Dwalin, by Soni Alcorn-Hender. ドワーリン

Hobbit Illumination: Dwalin

Hobbit Illumination: Thranduil, by Soni Alcorn-Hender. 闇の森のエルフ王

Hobbit Illumination: Thranduil

All three are 16 x 24 cms, very mixed media on heavyweight, coldpress watercolour paper. Thorin however is finished in oil paints.
To see the work-in-progress images for Dwalin and Thorin, click here.
For work-in-progress pics for Thranduil, click here!

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  1. So utterly gorgeous! How can I get my own Thorin? ;)

  2. Reblogged this on Love, Sex & Other Dirty Words and commented:
    Utterly gorgeous work!

  3. I would buy the Thorin one right away for a friend (except I guess it’s not for sale). :-) BEAUTIFUL, beautiful work. Love the “medieval illustration” feel so much!

  4. Hi Adrianka and Morrighansmuse, thank you for your lovely comments! This Dwarf Prince already has a destiny to go to, but if I can find a worthy printers here I’d like to make a few prints. :)
    If either of you have a preference between the finished coloured version, and the monochrome work-in-progress version (Here https://bohemianweasel.com/2013/07/04/hobbit-illuminations-work-in-progress-2/thorin-wip-inks/) Then do let me know, it may help me decide which one to go for. :)

  5. Yay! That would be cool! I love both, but I have a slight preference for the WIP version. :-)

    • Interesting, thanks for letting me know! :D
      Btw, do you have a wordpress site too? Your name links to the gravatar site, and I wanted to be nosey. I mean, supportive, heh. ;)

      • helenvader

         /  Monday 5, August, 2013

        I don’t, but I occasionally write for a friend’s site, DeepGirlDesign.com, hence the gravatar. My own website is http://www.helenvader.com, no blog attached as yet as I’m still not sure if I want one. :-) The line between liking the finished and the WIP version is very thin I admit; there is something about the WIP one that “speaks” to me, but it’s hard to explain. :-)

  6. helenvader

     /  Monday 5, August, 2013

    Oops, it’s http://www.helenvader.NET, not com.

  7. Absolutely love it! I’m interested in purchasing a copy of the final-work for Thorin, if you’d possibly have prints at the time?

    • Hi Liz, I think I’ll be bringing out a small batch of prints of both versions in mid-February if all goes to plan; and if so, I’ll leave a reply here. :)
      Thank you for your lovely message!


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