Hobbit & LotR artwork for Calgary Expo 2014

These preposterously talented gentlemen all appeared at the recent Calgary Expo, and my friend (to whom I owe eternal thanks/ a statue / a kidney) asked if I might like some autographs? The answer was vehement and ebullient and had lots of excited swearing.

So I hastily made these in the hope they wouldn’t mind leaving some sort of mark upon them (an autograph, jammy fingerprints, anything) and as a microcosmically small recognition of their super-ness. ^_^

Update: the Dwarf pictures were finished too late to be autographed, but the gentlemen were given prints of them, and lovely Mark Hadlow (Dori) was even kind enough to give me a special autograph as a ‘thank you’. :D The Hobbits and Elves were signed however, included below are all the scans I have so far.

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  1. magnificent Soni, as usual =)

    • Thank you Brendalings! I hope the subjects liked them too. :)
      Though I think any reaction that doesn’t include spontaneous vomiting and/or homicidal rampaging could be considered a success.

  2. Heidi

     /  Thursday 1, May, 2014

    So beautiful, and my favorite elves! I’ve seen a lot of Haldir portraits and I think yours is the most beautiful. And Gil-galad again, he’s perfect.

    You are so very talented.

  3. These are absolutely stunning. So…did you get your autographs? Fili is my favorite and I’m dying over this glorious painting.

    • :D I’ve updated the post with some scans of autos from that day, though not all were on artwork, including Fili’s alas, though the message he put on his photo (above) was super. ;)

  4. Hi Soni! I’ve been followed your art for awhile on Facebook, and I had to come seek you out for a bigger dose. Also wondering if you do commissioned pieces? I would kill for an Eomer in the style you’ve done these other LOTR ones. Absolutely love your work.

  5. I think I’ll parrot my rensopse to a comment over at Catholic Exchange. A lot of the critical pieces I’ve read complain about stuff like the scene in which Bilbo rushes in to save Thorin as they feel it changes his character from the book too much. But I’m wondering if they’re jumping the gun due to over-familiarity with the story. I’m of the mind to wait for all three movies to see if Jackson incorporates all of Tolkein’s themes or not.

    • The third and final movie came out last year, so now you can see for yourself.
      PJ made many changes from the books, a lot of which I think were unnecessary, but two changes I did like were 1) that he made Thorin (who in the book is a farcical pompous windbag) into a real leader with some weight to him; and 2) he gave the Dwarves individuality, instead of the amorphous and largely-interchangeable Dwarf ‘blob’ they were in the book.
      It’s not a perfect adaptation, nor is it the definitive adaptation of the Hobbit, it’s just a Hobbit-flavoured thing which is not the book. But I think they got some things very right. :)


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