Magic School!

I drew this Hogwarts-inspired diagram years ago, as an aide for English classes to help students learn the names of rooms in a house. …And of course all houses have turrets and potion cupboards… But I like the drawing, so I gave it a sepia tint and put it on RedBubble for anyone who’d like a copy. Might also be fun for people who like colouring-in. ;)

Prints and other shiny things can be found here.

Hogwarts Magic School diagram by Soni Alcorn-Hender
Hogwarts Magic School diagram by Soni Alcorn-Hender
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  1. Soni, that is amazing! Which variety do you recommend for colouring in?

    • If you get this from RedBubble in ‘fine art’ print, the paper they use is like watercolour paper, and can take almost *anything*. Colouring pencils (soft with lots of pigment) would obviously be fine, but watercolours (with not *too* much water) and markers would work fine as well – and be transparent, so you’d still see the lines.

    • (Obviously though test your chosen colouring media in tiny part of the print where it won’t be easily noticed, and then check if the colour bleeds or does anything else you don’t want it to do.)


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