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I’m Soni (pronounced ‘sunny’), also known as Bohemian Weasel.

Bəʊˈhiː.mi.ən ˈwiːz(ə)l: (noun) A mythology illustrator, fantasy illuminator, history embellisher, cake fancier, fearless vampire killer, disruptive influence, grammar harpy, fluffy weasel.

I was spawned in southern England within close radius of King Arthur’s Table, HMS Victory, and Stonehenge, (and with ‘Lord of the Rings’ being read to me since I was four.) Inevitably I grew up believing things are better if they’re ancient, magical, possibly non-existent, and have talking trees. And if the magical things can’t be seen, you draw them.

To help me draw the invisible things better, I did a two year art foundation at Portsmouth College (now University), and a BA(Hons) degree in illustration at the Glasgow School of Art.
I should apologise to my tutors for my frequent lateness and fantasy art aspirations, both were a cause of pain for all involved. I’m afraid to say I’m still largely nocturnal and a fulltime fantasy doodler – so clearly I was always a lost cause, but thank you for trying. :) Though one of you still owes me half a bottle of ginger wine – you know who you are.

After graduating I fled to Portugal (warmth! sunshine! air you can see through!) and set up my studio in an old attic flat by the sea, and then in an old attic flat in the mountains, because artistic clichés must be upheld.

Now I draw geek things. Mostly for trading cards, but also books and exhibitions.
With companies like Topps and Cryptozoic I’ve been an official artist on trading card sets for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and various Star Wars releases, as well as the TV show Penny Dreadful.

I’ve also worked on several non-movie projects inspired by myth and history, where I get to get to be artist, creator, and storyteller – which is even more satisfying. The next plan is to devote more time and energy to my own stories and their illustrations, rarr.

So thank you for visiting, help yourself to cake and have a look around: there be shiny things.


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Most recent art shows & appearances:

  • 2020 – Everything cancelled, because 2020, bloody hell.
  • 2019
    – ‘Tolkien 2019’ Group art exhibition at the Medicine Bakery, Birmingham, with the Tolkien Society
  • 2018
    – Augusta Con, Braga, Portugal
    – Group art exhibition at Oxford University with the Tolkien Society
  • 2017
    – Comic Con Portugal, Artists’ Alley
    – ‘Far from the Shire Art’, Art in the Mill, Knaresborough
    – Group art exhibition at Oxford University with the Tolkien Society
  • 2016
    – Comic Con Portugal, Artists’ Alley
    – Newcastle Castle for Tolkien Weekend
    – Newcastle Cathedral – ‘Illuminating Tolkien’
    – Group art exhibition at Oxford University with the Tolkien Society
  • 2015
    – Sheffield, Bank Street Arts – ‘Evil in the Shining Light’
    – Group art exhibition at Oxford University with the Tolkien Society


Recent works in books and periodicals (and videos):

  • 2020
    – ‘Celtic Cyclopedia’ front & back cover, a Viking-inspired RPG supplemental for Fate of the Norns.
    – Amon Hen #282
  • 2019
    – ‘Fair Folk’ dark faerie illustrations for CocoaPink’s 2019 Halloween perfume release.
    – Book cover for ‘A Wilderness of Glass‘ by Grace Draven
  • 2018
    – Official Christmas card for the Tolkien Society, 2018 ‘Rivendell in Winter’
  • 2017
    – Tolkien Society ‘Mallorn’ #58, front & back covers.
    – Tolkien Society ‘Amon Hen’
    — Art featured inside: #267, #266, #264
    — Art on cover #265, #263
  • 2016
    – Tolkien Society ‘Mallorn’ #56, inside and on back cover
    – Tolkien Society ‘Amon Hen’, #260, cover.
    – Illustrations for end credits (LotR movie style) for the Hillywood parody LotR/Frozen crossover video
  • Denizens of the North, for Fate of the Norns, a Viking-inspired RPG set during Ragnarok – ‘Locations’ chapter (plus several vignettes, all frames, and two gargantuan maps as posters).
  • Art featured inside and on back cover of the Mallorn #54 for the Tolkien Society.
  • Various editions of Non-Sports Update (trading card and sketch card) magazine
  • ‘Portraits of Poe’ book by Rocket Ink Studios
  • Featured in (and on the cover of) the ‘Sketch Card Mania‘ book.


Trading-card sets :

  • 2020 Iconic Creations, Way of the Sword – (basecard art: ‘Mordred‘, and box topper ‘King Arthur’)
  • 2020 Perna Studios, Fairy Tales II – (basecard art ‘The Little Mermaid‘, and 5 sketch cards).
  • 2019 Iconic Creations, Iconic Christmas Literature – (basecard art: ‘Krampus‘)
  • 2018 Perna Studios, Halloween III – (basecard art ‘Devil‘)
  • 2018 Iconic Creations, Iconic Literature – (basecard art x2: ‘Dracula Rises‘ and ‘Oberon & Puck‘)
  • 2018 Perna Studios, Classic Mythology III – (basecard art ‘Circe, Goddess of Enchantments‘)
  • 2017 Perna Studios, Elementals – (basecard art x4: ‘Earth‘, ‘Air‘, ‘Fire‘, ‘Water‘, metallic collector editions)
  • 2016 Perna Studios, Spellcasters II – Realms of Fantasy – (basecard art x2: ‘Elves and Orcs‘, ‘Proud Titania‘)
  • 2015 Perna Studios, Halloween II – (basecard art x2: ‘Wolf man‘, ‘Demon’s Ball‘)
  • 2015 Cryptozoic Entertainment, Penny Dreadful – (sketch tarot cards)
  • 2014/15 Perna Studios, Fairy Tales I – (basecard art x6: ‘Sleeping Beauty‘, ‘Pied Piper of Hamlin’, ‘Beauty & the Beast‘, ‘Snow White‘, ‘the Frog Prince’, ‘the Snow Queen‘, and sketch cards)
  • 2013 Perna Studios, Classic Mythology II  – (basecard art ‘Persephone‘, and sketch cards)
  • 2013 Cryptozoic Entertainment, The Hobbit, An Unexpected Adventure – (sketch cards)
  • 2012 Perna Studios, Spellcasters  – (basecard art ‘The Poisoned Apple‘, and sketch cards)
  • 2012 BadAxe Studios, Bombshells – (basecard art ‘Andraste of Waterloo‘, and sketch cards)
  • 2011 Perna Studios, Classic Mythology I – (basecard art promo card ‘Goddess Isis‘, and sketch cards)
  • 2011 BadAxe Studios, Dungeon Dolls  – (basecard art ‘Lamia‘, and sketch cards)
  • 2011 Topps, Star Wars Galaxy 6 – (sketch cards)
  • 2011 Versicolor, Bettie Page – (basecard art and sketch cards)
  • 2010 Sketchlords, Seven Revelations – (sketch cards)
  • 2010 BadAxe Studios, Treasure Chests  – (basecard art x 2: ‘Steampunk pirates’, and sketch cards).
  • 2010 Sadlittles, Dreamers of Darkness  – (basecard art x 2: ‘Vlad the Impaler’, and ‘La Fée Verte’ and sketch cards).
  • 2010 Topps, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 3D – (sketch cards)
  • 2010 Breygent, Golden Age of Comics – (basecard art, and sketch cards)
  • 2010 Breygent, Vintage Movie Posters, Horror & Sci-Fi  – (sketch cards)
  • 2010 Breygent, Woodstock Generation – (sketch cards)
  • 2010 Topps, Star Wars Galaxy 5 – (sketch cards)
  • 2010 Sadlittles, Essence of Fairyland  – (basecard and sketch cards)
  • 2009 Topps, Star Wars Clone Wars widevision – (sketch cards)
  • 2009 Sadlittles, Legends & Lore – (basecard and sketch cards)
  • 2008 Topps, Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II – (sketch cards)
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