Art submissions ‘Telling in Full’

Hello :)
My name’s Soni, I’m an English freelance illustrator, living and working in Portugal.
Most of my work is ‘geek’ stuff: (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, trading card art, etc.) but when possible I like to be less literal and a bit more symbolic.

I have two proposals to place before you before running away:


1) Work that’s already finished: Putting the (slightly) sinister back in Fairy Tales

When I first encountered fairy tales my notion of them was as a haze of colour, symbols, larger-than-life characters, all inside a confusing mess of prettiness with interestingly sinister undertones. As an adult I’ve tried to capture some of that feeling.
I’ve also added a few things common-sense said should be there – like the number of dead and dying princes snagged in the thorns around Sleeping Beauty; or what happens when the Frog Prince catches your little golden ball; or how many ghosts of rats still follow the Pied Piper, and where does he lead those children.

They were started traditionally and finished digitally; I could send them as either A3 or A4 hand-gilded and embellished prints, (which makes each one slightly different).


2) Proposed idea: A sort of fairy tale for a homesick English artist.

Using a similar work method to the fairy tales (with colour, texture, mixed media, symbols, and a representative figure) I’d illustrate two songs by PJ Harvey that perfectly summed up my homesickness for England in all its tatty, grey, damp, golden glory,: ‘England’ and ‘The Last Living Rose’.

The finished pieces for exhibit would probably be A3, gilded limited-edition giclee prints – but originals may be possible if preferred.

My standard ‘work’ portfolio is here:

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