Avatar Last Airbender & Korra contest

My entry for the fan-art contest, the brief was: draw yourself as a bender of one of the elements, (like in the show), but I thought a group portrait would be more fun, so I begged bribed convinced artist friends who were also Avatar fans to get involved too or else.

While they drew their own Avatar-ish self-portraits, I was doing one of all of us together; and in the picture I’m drawing my friends while they are drawing themselves. It’s a picture within a picture within a picture. o_0

In clockwise order, starting with the one in green on the left (and their names are linked to their art pages):

‘Kat Lau’, earthbender (Kat Laurange); ‘Red Kaitzin’, airbender (Kate Bradley); ‘Hunni Mok’, waterbender (and paint-bender, and apparently accidental tea-bender) (Nur Hanie Mohd); Sah-ni Weazuli, firebender (look a the name, it’s me ;p); And finally my favourite on the bottom left: Lin NO(!), firebender-combustion, with combustion goat and Vaatu the rat. (Lynne Anderson).

'The Last Art-benders', by Soni Alcorn-Hender

31 Day art challenge for illustrators and fan-artists

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Bohemian Weasel's 31 Day Drawing Adventure challenge thing for illustrators and fan-artists

October is becoming the month of art challenges, the idea is each day you’re given a different prompt to inspire you to make new work, even if it’s just a quick sketch. But none of the challenges I saw really spingled my spangles. I don’t want to draw my breakfast, or my shoes, or my phone – I want to draw vampires and talking trees and Hobbits in lederhosen – so I made my own 31-day drawing art adventure instead, woo!

It’s more specific than most, as I find having some rules and limits helps creativity. If someone says ‘draw a man’, my mind goes blank; but if they say ‘draw a man in the rain with a sinister hat’, I get ideas!   It’s slanted towards illustrators with a love for fiction and fantasy, as well as fan-artists who want to find new ways to approach their favourite stories, but there’s a bit of everything for everyone.
If this inspires you to make things let me know! :)

A weasel studio

My art nest, built from shiny things and nonsense;
where all the deadline-induced panic magic happens.

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Howl’s Moving Studio?

Bohemian Weasel artist studio

There is space among the SHINY for drawing

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

More pictures than wall

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

A thing what I made

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Story time for the fairy tale paintings

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Part of the essential shelf of shiny

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Studio assistant and paperweight

Howl's Moving Castle, I work here.

The similarity has been pointed out to me.

Versicolor Bettie Page

Topps Star Wars Galaxy 6

All of the cards (arranged in order) and some larger versions for extra shiny.


For this project I was given a folio of newly-created comic book characters and asked to imagine scenes for them in sketch-card form.


Sample pieces for an Avatar project that never happened, sadly.

Neytiri by Soni Alcorn-Hender


Avatar art by Soni Alcorn-Hender


Breygent – Classic Movie Posters


Double-sized (3.5 x 5″) sketch cards for Breygent’s trading card set: Classic Movie Posters.
June 2010


Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 3D

Extra wide and magic sketch cards for Empire Strikes Back 3D~
All of the cards (arranged by episode) and some larger versions for extra shiny.