Studio the second.

I loved my old studio: a golden little attic room, with slanty ceilings, creaky floors, and stuffed to the rafters with shiny nonsense like the inside of Howl’s Moving Castle. But it’s view was ‘a wall’. A yellowish, cracked wall, with bits of dead weed straggling from it, and on very exciting days possibly a glimpse of pigeon.

My new studio is in an attic again (I seem to gravitate towards them like a petulant bat), but as though to make up for several years staring at ‘a wall’ this one has a view of (what feels like) the whole of northern Portugal. I am ridiculously in love with it. :3 I can see the weather we’ll get half an hour before it actually gets here.



Postcards from Portugal – Coimbra

The grand and crumbly university city in the middle of the country:

Avatar Last Airbender & Korra contest

My entry for the fan-art contest, the brief was: draw yourself as a bender of one of the elements, (like in the show), but I thought a group portrait would be more fun, so I begged bribed convinced artist friends who were also Avatar fans to get involved too or else.

While they drew their own Avatar-ish self-portraits, I was doing one of all of us together; and in the picture I’m drawing my friends while they are drawing themselves. It’s a picture within a picture within a picture. o_0

In clockwise order, starting with the one in green on the left (and their names are linked to their art pages):

‘Kat Lau’, earthbender (Kat Laurange); ‘Red Kaitzin’, airbender (Kate Bradley); ‘Hunni Mok’, waterbender (and paint-bender, and apparently accidental tea-bender) (Nur Hanie Mohd); Sah-ni Weazuli, firebender (look a the name, it’s me ;p); And finally my favourite on the bottom left: Lin NO(!), firebender-combustion, with combustion goat and Vaatu the rat. (Lynne Anderson).

'The Last Art-benders', by Soni Alcorn-Hender

31 Day art challenge for illustrators and fan-artists

(Click the image to see large version or for pinning).
Bohemian Weasel's 31 Day Drawing Adventure challenge thing for illustrators and fan-artists

October is becoming the month of art challenges, the idea is each day you’re given a different prompt to inspire you to make new work, even if it’s just a quick sketch. But none of the challenges I saw really spingled my spangles. I don’t want to draw my breakfast, or my shoes, or my phone – I want to draw vampires and talking trees and Hobbits in lederhosen – so I made my own 31-day drawing art adventure instead, woo!

It’s more specific than most, as I find having some rules and limits helps creativity. If someone says ‘draw a man’, my mind goes blank; but if they say ‘draw a man in the rain with a sinister hat’, I get ideas!   It’s slanted towards illustrators with a love for fiction and fantasy, as well as fan-artists who want to find new ways to approach their favourite stories, but there’s a bit of everything for everyone.
If this inspires you to make things let me know! :)

A Palace in the Forest

The Palace Hotel of Buçaco: a Romantic palace in Neo-Manueline style, evoking the 16th-century architectural style characterising the peak of the Portuguese Age of Discovery.

The area around the Palace was part of a Carmelite convent established in 1628. The monks not only built a convent but also created a luxurious garden with many species of trees to represent the Earthly Paradise. In 1810 the Napoleonic wars in the Peninsular led to a particularly bloody battle here, Wellington and his men headquartered at the convent.
In the late 1800s there were plans to turn the ancient convent into a royal residence, but difficult political circumstances led to the decision to turn the palace into a hotel, which was built between 1888 and 1907. (Wikipedia)

A weasel studio

My art nest, built from shiny things and nonsense;
where all the deadline-induced panic magic happens.

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Howl’s Moving Studio?

Bohemian Weasel artist studio

There is space among the SHINY for drawing

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

More pictures than wall

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

A thing what I made

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Story time for the fairy tale paintings

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Part of the essential shelf of shiny

Artist studio of Soni Alcorn-Hender (bohemian weasel)

Studio assistant and paperweight

Howl's Moving Castle, I work here.

The similarity has been pointed out to me.

Sketching Rivendell

I’ve been asked a few times how I draw, and the answer is: ‘erratically, with lots of mistakes and some dithering’, and behold there’s now proof.

(This is my first time filming something with this camera, and time lapse, and making films, and .. everything. Humble apologies for the sloggy bits.)

Dublin / Germany / Thailand, whatever.

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