Frequently (and Occasionally) Asked Questions


Do you accept commercial commissions?
Possibly, depending on the work itself.
(If it’s for Susanna Clark (Strange & Norrell), HP Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin series, anything Napoleonic, or ANYTHING Tolkien (at all) then CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY and let me love you.)

Do you accept private commissions?
I’m afraid the answer’s probably ‘no’, unless the thing you want drawn is the sort of thing I’d really love/plan to draw anyway – if you want a spooky castle full of Elves, vampires, weasels and chocolate, then you might be in luck. But otherwise probably no, sorry.

Will you work on my sketch card set?
Sorry, no more sketch-cards for sets, the only exception being anything Tolkien-related.
I may consider basecard art however if the theme is compatible with my fancies. if you think that’s the case then do get in touch.

Where can I buy your work?
At a crossroads, at midnight, during a full moon. Bring chocolate and a broadsword. Or occasionally in my Etsy shop though things there tend to disappear quickly.
The best bet is my art page on Facebook where I do small sales of work when I have it.
If you’re particularly interested in a particular character however, et me know, and if I have such a thing later for sale I can let you know. :)


Can I use your images for a commercial project?
Some of my original (non-licensed) artwork may be useable, please contact me with an outline of what you’re looking for and its end use, and I’ll give you a more definite answer asap.

Can I use your images for a fan / charity / personal / other non-profit project?
Possibly, if it’s in good taste, though the licensed work may not be useable (like Topps Star Wars stuff for example). Please email me with some details of what you wanted and why, so I can give you a definitive answer.

Can I post your pictures on my website / Flickr / Tumblr / Pinterest, (etc.)
As long as the image is unaltered, then yes. :)  Credit would be nice, a link to the website would be splendid.


How do you make your art?
All my work is done by hand, from scratch. I work on the entire thing in layers, leaving the important details for the very end, which means my work-in-progress pics often look like potato monster mole people. (More monster mole people work in progress pics here.)
I realise it’s becoming more common for people to draw/paint over computer prints (and to not always be entirely open about it), but no printers were harmed in the production of my work.

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