Portfolio 2018

Film-based Middle-earth
‘Art cards’ 2.5 x 3.5 inches, gilded, and with metal filigree inserts.


Middle-earth, book-inspired:
A3 & A4 paintings with some digital elements, editing, or colouring.


Literature & Myth:
A3 & A4 paintings with impasto work, gilding, and some digital elements, editing, or colouring.


Fairy tales:
A4 paintings on primed canvas board with attached shiny things (crystals, filigree, etc), impasto work and hand-drawn borders.


2014 Viking RPG book: Fate of the Norns, Ragnarok (excerpts)
My illustrations, someone else’s page layout and typesetting.


Story book sketches:
A4, Pencil & pastel on tinted paper with acrylic washes and gouache highlights. (Digital colouring and borders added to the horror foursome at the bottom.)

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