Beauty and the Beast

Belle returns to the castle too late, and finds the Beast dying among the withered roses.

A painting 10×13″ on canvas-board for the forthcoming trading card set ‘Classic Fairy Tales’ from Perna Studios.

Snow White, the Queen, & the Apple

Basecard paintings for the trading card set ‘Spellcasters’ (2013) and ‘Classic Fairy Tales’ (2014) both for PernaStudios.

‘Poisoned Apple’ (The Witch Queen from Snow White): acrylics, gloss mediums, glitter, varnish, iridescent flakes, rubber stamping, rhinestones, and silver filigree on 9×12″ treated canvas.
‘Snow White’ inks, acrylics, gloss medium and 22k gold leaf on 9×12″ treated canvas-board.

Of Persephone and Pomegranates

Persephone catches the awful attention of Hades, Lord of the Dead.
Mixed shiny, sparkly media and pomegranates on canvas board, 12 x 8.5″
To be printed as one of the cards in the forthcoming trading card set ‘Classic Mythology 2’ from Perna Studios.

Persephone and Hades, Soni Alcorn-Hender

Hades loved her but Persephone flew from him. Yet he followed and watche, and devised a way to steal her to be his queen of the dead.

Persephone and Hades (detail), Soni Alcorn-Hender


Spellcasters ‘Poisoned Apple’

The painting for the basecard (printed card) for ‘Spellcasters’ by PernaStudios.
24×30 cms; acrylics, gloss mediums, glitter, varnish, iridescent flakes, rhinestones, and silver filigree on specially treated canvas.

I do like revisiting the fairy tales of my childhood and merrily reinstating the gore, horror and ghastliness so commonly castrated by Disney and modern versions; and sometimes just adding some of my own for fun. :)  This Witch Queen is Snow White’s Stepmother, preparing a very special apple for the wayward child, and ensuring it’s a very juicy red.
Shown behind her is her mirror servant; and judging by the frame, certain sacrifices were necessary to acquire such supernatural aid. He has the pupils of a goat, or is it an octopus? Either way, it’s not human.
The dress was a lot of fun, though hard to capture in a scan (hence the inclusion of dodgy photo below), it’s an almost 3D mix of glossy varnishes and oozy oil-like effects, with iridescent flakes on the shoulders for a green beetle-wing effect; and a myriad of shiny, sparkly adornments on dress and crown.

'Poisoned Apple' (Snow White) by Soni Alcorn-Hender

‘Poisoned Apple’ (Snow White)

Details of the painting:

‘Poisoned Apple’ work in progress

After roughing out a few versions to get the composition right, I sketched out the basics in paint (acrylics) and then went got more detailed.
The ‘wallpaper’ was a rubber stamp, I then did several acrylic washes over it to fade it out until just an impression of it remained (I didn’t want it to conflict with the figure in the middle). I later added drawn cracks on there to give the impression of a fine house or palace that was falling into ruin under her influence.

poisoned apple painting-det2

Classic Mythology I – Isis

Mixed media on canvas, approx 24×29 cms – painted as a basecard for the PernaStudios ‘Classic Mythology’ trading card set.

Isis by Soni Alcorn-Hender

Isis, Mother of Egypt

The work in progress:

Classic Mythology I – Loki

Mixed media on canvas, approx 24×29 cms – painted as a basecard for the PernaStudios ‘Classic Mythology’ trading card set.

‘The Punishment of Loki’:
Far beneath the living world they bound him to the sharpest rocks with the ‘cold intestines of his dead son’.  A monstrous serpent was set guard above him, its mouth perpetually dripping a terrible venom.  Throughout his incarceration Loki’s wife bore a bowl above him to catch the venom, hoping to spare her husband the agony its touch would cause, but after a time the bowl would fill up.  Then she was forced to turn away to empty its dreadful contents, and in those moments the venom would reach Loki’s skin. His pain was so great that his writhing moved the bones of the world and caused earthquakes throughout the lands above.

The Punishment of Loki by Soni Alcorn-Hender

The Punishment of Loki

Sadlittles ‘Essence of Fairyland’ – Absinthe

I was asked to make a painting which would be a printed card for the set ‘Essence of Fairyland’, and I could do whichever fairy I liked, so I chose ‘La Fée Verte’, the Green Fairy of Absinthe.

‘The Green Fairy in the Absinthe wants your soul…’
(Bram Stoker’s Dracula).

La Fée Verte by Soni Alcorn-Hender

La Fée Verte

The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper painting, 10×13″ on canvas-board, for the trading card set ‘Classic Fairy Tales’ from Perna Studios.
The rats are all long dead and still they follow after him. And now the merry fellow is returning for your children.

The Pied Piper, Soni Alcorn-Hender

The Pied Piper