Magic School!

I drew this Hogwarts-inspired diagram years ago, as an aide for English classes to help students learn the names of rooms in a house. …And of course all houses have turrets and potion cupboards… But I like the drawing, so I gave it a sepia tint and put it on RedBubble for anyone who’d like a copy. Might also be fun for people who like colouring-in. ;)

Prints and other shiny things can be found here.

Hogwarts Magic School diagram by Soni Alcorn-Hender
Hogwarts Magic School diagram by Soni Alcorn-Hender

New header!

The first one was pretty enough in a subtle, understated way. But I don’t really do subtle; I do fiddly, fussy, fastidious, and fecking sparkly. Huzzah!
It was made as a digital collage from this drawing (originally 21x29cms, graphite and acrylic on cardstock).

Which is also the drawing I was working on in this video : Sketching Rivendell Et voilà!

Header / banner illustration