The Seduction of Sauron

‘The Seduction of Sauron’ inspired by The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien
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Created especially for the Tolkien art exhibition: ‘Evil in the Shining Light’, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, through September 2015.
Acrylics on paper, digital colouring, 11.5 x 8″ Frame element by Stephen Clulow on Flickr.

Seduction of Sauron by Soni Alcorn-Hender

Melkor corrupts Sauron (Mairon)

Long before Sauron was lord of Mordor, before he was even evil, he was ‘Mairon’, a gifted metalsmith among the Maiar. He grew impatient with the slow unfolding on the flawed world and desired to create things to his own plan. Melkor promised to show how this could be achieved, and so step by step, Mairon followed Melkor down into darkness until he became ‘Sauron’.

Drawings contained in the frame, starting from the top: Eye of (future) Sauron, the two Lamps of Arda, and (bottom) the future One Ring. The corner images are of Valinor.

Book-inspired Tolkien works, Jan 2013

Some perfectly-textured recycled paper + a rollerball pen + a fanatical devotion to ALL THE TOLKIEN THINGS! :D

LotR & Hobbit larger works (book inspired)

My new, fledgling little gallery for larger, book-inspired landscapey-scenic art for LotR and the Hobbit. I loved doing these. Must do more.