The Ring is taken to Rivendell

Prints and shiny things available on Society6 here, and also a version without the frame border is available too.

A re-working of an earlier painting (The Hidden Valley), this new version has Frodo being carried to Rivendell by the Elves after falling at the Ford.  Made for the Tolkien art exhibition: ‘Evil in the Shining Light’, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, through September 2015.
Original was acrylics on paper 11.5 x 8″, added frame element by Stephen Clulow on Flickr.

The Ring is taken to Rivendell, Soni Alcorn-Hender

And a close-up of Frodo’s rescue party.
At the front are two pairs of Elf riders, followed by an Elven cart bearing the fallen Frodo; behind him is Strider on foot; then Glorfindel (not Arwen :p) on his white horse; behind him near the bridge are the three Hobbits on foot; then there are two Elves on foot on the bridge, and two more on horseback at the end:

2015 Tolkien show Rivendell re-worked-det

New header!

The first one was pretty enough in a subtle, understated way. But I don’t really do subtle; I do fiddly, fussy, fastidious, and fecking sparkly. Huzzah!
It was made as a digital collage from this drawing (originally 21x29cms, graphite and acrylic on cardstock).

Which is also the drawing I was working on in this video : Sketching Rivendell Et voilà!

Header / banner illustration

Sketching Rivendell

I’ve been asked a few times how I draw, and the answer is: ‘erratically, with lots of mistakes and some dithering’, and behold there’s now proof.

(This is my first time filming something with this camera, and time lapse, and making films, and .. everything. Humble apologies for the sloggy bits.)